Istanbul 2013

Connectathon 2013: Meeting where the Continents connect

The promise of connecting where the continents meet was successfully realized as this year's IHE-Europe Connectathon drew participants and visitors from every region of the world. 

A "connectivity marathon" for validating the interoperability of health information systems 330 engineers from 76 organizations tested 102 systems during the fiveday event held April 15 to 19, 2013 at the Haliç Congress Center. By the close of the event 2,314 tests had been conducted. 
The intensive testing at the Connectathon attracted representatives of eHealth initiatives from 21 countries attending the IHE World Summit, a two-day conference held in an adjacent congress center. Delegations from the Turkish Radiology Society and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health also visited for a first-hand experience with eHealth interoperability in action.



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