Vienna 2014

The 2014 IHE-Europe Connectathon was held at the Austria Center in Vienna from April 7 to 11, 2014.

The IHE-Europe Connectathon provides a unique opportunity for vendors to test the interoperability of their  products in a structured environment with peer vendors. Participants test against multiple vendors using real world clinical  scenarios following IHE Integration Profiles specifications.


IHE Connectathons have been taking place annually since 1999 in North America, Europe, Japan, PRC, Korea and Australia. This was the 14th year for the IHE-Europe Connectathon.

The annual IHE Connectathon affords all companies, large and small, the opportunity to test their own products, across a variety of domains including Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology, Patient Care Devices, Patient Care Coordination, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and IT Infrastructure, along with those of their peer vendors.

The last two years have seen national, regional and hospital tender procedures demand current independent demonstrations of IHE profile implementation competence by vendors and an increasing number of buyers are turning to the IHE Product Registry and Connectathon results pages which list Connectathon results, as part of their decision making process.


Key Benefits

  • Subject your products to interoperability competency testing, and be recognised as a successful participant.
  • Improve the conformance of your products to IHE profiles.
  • Ensure your products continue to meet the expanding base of IHE profiles, solving real-world interoperability problems.
  • Join industry leaders during VIP tours of the Connectathon floor.
  • Share experiences with over 350 industry leading professionals.
  • Learn from Connectathon monitors knowledge and expertise.
Contact persons
IHE Austria: Juergen Brandstaetter
IHE-Europe Technical Coordinator: Eric Poiseau
About IHE-Services

IHE-Services is the operational unit of IHE-Europe dedicated to the fulfilment of its mission. It is a professional testing team supporting IHE-Europe’s members and beneficiaries that want to build trust in the deployment of IHE profiles in their solutions and projects. Services provided are the development of customised validation and conformance test tools, organisation of test sessions and demonstrations, training and consultancy on implementation of the IHE profiles in beneficiary’s projects/programs. Beneficiaries are national or regional e-health projects, IT users in hospitals or vendors developing new products. IHE-Services offers a unique suite of tools and services used during the connectivity marathons, or Connectathons, worldwide.

About IHE-Austria

Since 2007 it has been IHE Austria’s goal to accelerate the integration of IT- and medical engineering in the Austrian health care sector. IHE Austria plays an important role in the realisation of the Austrian electronic health record (ELGA) and continuously promotes the advantages of eHealth to increase the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. Its members span the whole health care sector and the executive board consists of representatives of users and vendors. In 2011 IHE Austria started organising the IHE DAY, which has since evolved into being one of the most important symposiums of its kind in the German speaking region.




Want to know more about how IHE-Europe Connectathon can help your eHealth programme or project?

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