Pisa 2011

Words from vendors and monitors having participated to the Connectathon 2011.


“Connectathon is the Who's Who for Health IT in Europe.  You see the key people, you talk with them, you meet the leaders in the field.” Klaus Kleber, VISUS Managing Director
“We have been coming to Connectathon for 10 years for testing what we could never do on a customer site or on our own. The developers of the systems are here, so there is no waiting for answers.” Laurent Molina, FUJI Medical Systems Product Manager
“We need to stay current with changes in the real world, and Connectathon is the place where we can do that.” George Doerenkamp, Cerner Germany
“You test software in two ways, either put it in front of the customer and find out, or you can come here. Our product will be more robust as a result of Connectathon, and it is better understood by how it performs in a real environment.” Stephan Claesen, VISBION CEO
“For a system, a major cost is the need to repeat tests over and over. If you do multiple tests at the same event, then the total cost for software testing goes down significantly. At Connectathon you can perform more than 12 test implementations, so the average cost per implementation is dramatically lower.” Bill Majurski, Senior Computer Scientist, NIST
“The most important thing for me is the spirit of cooperation with everyone working together on tests.” Awel Helmer, OFFIS Institute
“I write most of the RFPs for physicians and spend a lot of time compiling specifications. IHE simplifies these requests and are easier to understand. Instead of two pages of DICOM or HL7 to describe something, I can do it in one sentence by saying, "should comply with IHE REM Profile." Arjen Becht, Medical Physicist, Gelre Hospital