Connectathon 2021

What is the Connectathon ?

A five-day ‘connectivity marathon’ for testing the interoperability of health information systems.

The IHE-Europe Connectathon provides a unique opportunity for vendors to test the interoperability of their  products in a structured environment with peer vendors. Participants test against multiple vendors using real world clinical  scenarios following IHE Integration Profiles specifications.

IHE-Europe Monitors 2021

The IHE-Europe 2021Connectathon Monitors will provide professional expert input, advice and monitoring skills.

Monitors are a very important asset for any IHE Connectathon. A monitor is an expert in one or more domains, he or she checks if the IHE-specifications are followed and correctly applied. Only this way interoperability between systems can be safeguarded.






Experience Sessions Thursday, 17 June

The IHE-Europe Experience Programme is online! Register now for the sessions of your interest.


Experience Sessions Wednesday, 16 June

The IHE-Europe Experience Programme is online! Register now for the sessions of your interest.



Connectathon 2021

IHE-Europe Experience

The IHE-Europe Experience is a meeting space for all IHE-Europe members and non-members.

The IHE-Europe Experience Sessions provide a unique 'meeting space' for all those interested in enhancing their understanding and knowledge of 'all things interoperability'. Open to all for the 3-day period, just be sure to register upfront for the sessions you want to attend.

Experience Sessions Tuesday, 15 June

The IHE-Europe Experience Programme is online! Register now for the sessions of your interest


IPS testing at the IHE-Europe Connectathon

IHE-Europe is delighted to advise that International Patient Summary (IPS) Profile testing can be performed during the upcoming Online European Connectathon, 14-18 June 2021.

CEN standard EN 17269:2019 has been created by a joint project of CEN/TC 251 and HL7® to cover the requirements for exchanging a core, essential dataset of healthcare data to support the patient’s continuity of care, whenever and wherever it is needed. The International Patient Summary (IPS), as it is termed, is accompanied by HL7 FHIR® and IHE CDA implementation guides.


IHE Connectathon Monitors 2020

IHE-Europe is indebted to the IHE 2020 Connectathon Monitors who have provided professional expert input, advice and monitoring skills at the last annual IHE-Europe Connectathon.

Drawn from the ranks of industry interoperability experts, the user community, independent interoperability consultants, government IT specialists and advisers, national initiative and standards bodies, test houses and IHE interoperability experts.

Without them there would simply be no Connectathon! IHE-Europe salutes its global team of monitors and thanks them for their dedicated hard work and unbiased empathetic support to the vendor community.


IHE European Connectathon 2021

IHE-Europe Connectathon WEEK 2021

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IHE-Europe 2021 Connectathon fully ONLINE

Despite the efforts made by IHE Czech and IHE-Europe to organise the IHE-Europe Connectathon 2021 in the Czech Republic, it has turned out that the Covid-19 development does not allow the planning of a safe face-to-face event at this time.

Considering this situation as well as the successful Connectathon ONLINE premiere in 2020, the IHE-Europe Steering Committee has decided to move the Connectathon to a fully ONLINE event in 2021 again.


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