More about IHE-Europe

Health IT users, national programs and vendor associations initiated IHE-Europe and today fund its activities.

About IHE-Europe

The mission of IHE-Europe is to improve patient care by advancing the interoperability of healthcare IT systems and the appropriate sharing of relevant information. Towards that end, IHE-Europe conducts education, testing, demonstrations and other activities promoting the deployment within Europe of systems compliant with the IHE Technical Frameworks developed by IHE International. IHE-Europe also recruits healthcare professionals and solution developers to participate in the development of these specifications and promote their appropriate use in Europe. IHE-Europe interacts with relevant governmental and non-governmental organisations in Europe. It also maintains close contacts with similar initiatives around the world.

IHE-Europe Technical Coordinator: Eric Poiseau


About IHE-Services

IHE-Services is the operational unit of IHE-Europe dedicated to the fulfilment of its mission. It is a professional testing team supporting IHE-Europe’s members and beneficiaries that want to build trust in the deployment of IHE profiles in their solutions and projects. Services provided are the development of customised validation and conformance test tools, organisation of test sessions and demonstrations, training and consultancy on implementation of the IHE profiles in beneficiary’s projects/programs. Beneficiaries are national or regional e-health projects, IT users in hospitals or vendors developing new products. IHE-Services offers a unique suite of tools and services used during the connectivity marathons, or Connectathons, worldwide.

IHE-Services Director: Alexander Berler


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