IHE SHARAZONE Trial Membership

Try out IHE SHARAZONE for free for 6 months!

Special Offer for participants to the Trieste IHE Europe Connectathon


We offer to every company registered for the IHE Europe Connecathon in Trieste, to join the 14 companies, large and small that already benefit from IHE SHARAZONE (24 by 7) DICOM content testing) by taking advantage of this special offer.

Benefit from a full membership for free until the end of 2024, if you request your IHE SHARAZONE Contract plus the Special Offer June 2024 IHE SHARAZONE Contract Addendum to secretariat@ihe-europe.net before the end of the Connecathon, June 6, 2024, and return it signed before June 30th, 2024.

We will help you at a time of your chosing, either during the IHE Connectathon or afterwards in June in registering your first systems and:

• If your system is a CREATOR to create your first shared test suite associated to your system DICOM Samples.

• If your system is a CONSUMER, to select among the more than 40 available shared test inputs from products registered by the current member companies.


Step by Step guide

1. No later than the last day of the IHE Europe 2024 Connecathon, request your IHE SHARAZONE Contract plus the Special Offer June 2024 IHE SHARAZONE Contract Addendum to the IHE- Europe Secretariat (Ms. Arianna Bellemo): secretariat@ihe-europe.net

2. Return your IHE SHARAZONE Contract and the special offer addendum signed before June 30th, 2024 to Arianna Bellemo, IHE Secretariat.

3. The yearly membership fee, between 200 Euros and 5000 Euros depending on your company size (See slide) will be waived until December 31st 2024. At the end of this free trial, you will be offered to join and if you decide, you will only be invoiced for 2025.

4. Set an apppointment either during the Trieste Connecathon or later with a current member of SHARAZONE, at an agreed time, who will assist you registering your first system on IHE SHARAZONE and consume or create your first “Shared Test Input”, including a test suite that suits your DICOM test samples. The system you register for IHE SHARAZONE does not need to be registered at the Trieste Connectathon

5. We en courage you to meet other SHARAZONE members at the morning session during the Connectathon week organized by the SHARAZONE Moderator (date and time announced on the Connecathon floor).

6. As soon as your special offer IHE SHARAZONE Addendum and the Contract are returned signed, you will be a full SHARAZONE member and allowed to test with as many shared inputs from as many products you want. You will also receive an invitation to join the Monthly SHARAZONE Members T-con as soon as 3:00pm to 4:00pm on June 18, 2024.

Want to know more about how IHE-Europe Connectathon can help your eHealth programme or project?

Please contact IHE-Catalyst by email