IHE-Europe Plugathons 2024

IHE-Europe Plugathon is an event dedicated to specific innovation contexts.

The IHE-Europe Plugathon offers a unique educational and testing opportunity by leveraging IHE experiences from the well-established IHE-Europe Connectathon. This event provides an opportunity to learn & share experiences and a platform for a specific community to innovate, including on-the-fly connections, with the APIs of health IT product solutions in a standardized way. It's the way to propel your projects forward!
The IHE-Europe Plugathon will take place alongside the IHE-Europe Connectathon WEEK, in Trieste, Italy from 3 to 7 June 2024. The event will be held at the TCC Trieste Convention Center.
For the 2024 edition the IHE-Europe Plugathon will offer 2 open TRACKS and the REGISTRATION is open:


IHE profiles based on HL7® FHIR® Track 

The main interest and goal of this Track are: 
  • disseminate IHE profiles that rely on HL7® FHIR®.
  • make the users community aware of potential solutions to common use-cases that can benefit from IHE profiles based on HL7® FHIR®
  • share experiences related to national projects.
  • train vendors on how to implement IHE profiles based on HL7® FHIR® with hands-on sessions, interacting with simulators in a no-peer environment (controlled playground) with the support of dedicated standard tech specialists.  
The group’s special focus lies on exploring use-cases and real project-implementations using a use-case driven approach in solving interoperability problems. 
Participants: users and vendors that are interested in solving specific use-cases or that want to understand more in details the IHE offer related to HL7® FHIR®. 
The intended output of this track is increase the knowledge of the community about IHE, prepare vendors to move in the future to the CAT floor to test their solutions in a peer-to-peer environment. 

European Health Data Space (EHDS) Track

The main interest and goal of this Track is:  
  • explore ongoing activities related to the creation of the EHDS, and discover how different countries are working in preparation to it.  
  • offer a testing environment aimed to access fine-grained data using shared guidelines.
Participants: companies that are interested in implementing systems aimed to access data related to secondary data usage use-cases. User side companies that are interested in discover national projects advancement on this space. 
The intended output of this track is: share expertises and knowledge related to national projects.  Explore concrete use-cases in using data for secondary data usage. 

Mauro Zanardini, Arsenàl.IT Chief Technology Officer and member of the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee, has delved into all the details of Plugathon tracks on IHE Profiles based on HL7® FHIR® & EHDS during town hall meeting.

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The AI and Energy tracks are exclusive access groups.

For more details, please reach out to plugathon@ihe-catalyst.net


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