IHE Connectathon SEAL

The IHE Connectathon SEAL is a new IHE mechanism to recognize a vendor's interoperability capability.

Why the SEAL - Advantages for Vendors 

It's granted to Vendors who have successfully completed testing of IHE profiles at an IHE Connectathon event. The indicator of quality in interoperability level of products.
The IHE Connectathon SEAL stands as the exclusive, official international attestation provided by IHE, endorsing the quality of interoperability implementation in vendors’ products.
The presence of the SEAL logo on products and services is a formal indication of a vendor's conformity to established interoperability standards and its commitment in delivering solutions of a high standard quality to the users.

The evidence of successful IHE-Europe Connectathon participation

It serves as the exclusive proof of a vendor’s participation in an IHE-Europe Connectathon and the successful testing of one or more IHE profiles in one or more system-under-test.

How to Achieve and Use It



The cost of IHE Connectathon SEAL is included within the IHE-Europe Connectathon participation fee for 2024.


IHE Connectathon SEAL bears the year of the IHE-Europe Connectathon for which it was awarded and maintains a validity for 3 years.


Vendors can use the logo in marketing, and other communication tools, to describe and advertise services or products.


For more details, see the IHE CONNECTATHON SEAL - Service Frameworks, download here!
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