18th European Connectathon in The Hague, 16-20 April 2018

We enjoyed seeing you at the 18th European Connectathon which took place in The Hague in the Netherlands from 16-20 April 2018. 
List of events:
  • IHE Connectathon (16-20 April) - A week-long connectivity test marathon between vendors testing their products’ conformity to IHE Profiles by using validators to show interoperability between systems following clinical workflows.
  • EPR and EFR Projectathons (16-20 April)- Two Projectathons are planned for European and regional projects to test end-to-end interoperability with a number of vendors – large and small – based on IHE Profiles and using health data exchange in real deployment scenarios.
  • mHealth Plugathon (17-18 April) - An opportunity for the mobile app development community, smart startups wanting to access the healthcare arena, and established vendors looking to expand into mobile
    to test their apps with the APIs from vendors of health IT solutions. There is still time to register for the Plugathon.
  • IHE Symposium (17 April)- An annual symposium that takes place during the Connectathon week; in 2018 supported by the Dutch Ministry of Health and delivered by IHE-Europe, IHE-Netherlands and the ECP platform for the Information Society. More information about Symposium registration.
  • Weekonnect (17-19 April)- A three-day event for everyone dealing with the challenges of secure and reliable data exchange within healthcare and other sectors. The event program contains sessions about how to record data unambiguously at the source, and how to exchange information securely and standardized, while ensuring data privacy.

Download our flyer for the full list of events!